Things You Should Know About the Double-Sided Latex Mattress

Sleeping on a double-sided organic latex mattress on both sides is way more comfortable and promotes sound sleep. Contrary to single-side mattress, the double-sided ones are made from the core outwards. You can comfortably sleep on both the sides of a double-sided mattress. The manufacturers also give you the option to choose the mattress with different levels of firmness on both the sides of the mattress for additional comfort.

As you can easily flip the mattress to sleep on either side, it allows the earlier used side of the mattress to recover back to its original shape. In most of the cases, both the sides of the double-sided latex mattress are the same, so you can peacefully sleep on either side without much thinking. Now lets’ check out the top ten benefits that you can enjoy by using a double-sided mattress.

10 Benefits of Sleeping on a Double-Sided Latex Mattress

  1. Longer Life

A double-sided organic latex mattress is known to last longer than the one-sided one because of apparent reasons. You can flip the double-sided mattress regularly or frequently to spread the body load and pressure rationally. This way, one side won’t have to bear the weight at a long stretch allowing it to breathe and live longer.

  1. Affordability

Good mattress calls for a substantial investment. As no one would want to make it a recurring expense, people usually prefer a one-time high investment on a top-quality mattress. If you research and compare the prices of the double-sided latex mattress with the single ones, then the former will turn out to be the most cost-effective solution. Whether you plan to buy a single or a king-size double-sided mattress, the cost will be worth every penny.

  1. Comfort

One of the most important things that people look for in a mattress is the comfort level. Though some people use a latex mattress topper for making the bed more comfortable, you can easily avoid this additional expense by buying a double-sided mattress. If you continue sleeping on one side of the mattress for a longer duration, then it may affect the padding to some extent. Flipping the mattress and using both sides alternatively allows the used mattress side to recover its original shape and position. Doing so creates a win-win situation for both the mattress and the person sleeping on it. While the person can enjoy a good night’s sleep by flipping the mattress side; the other side restores its position during the resting period.

  1. Better Weight Distribution

Irrespective of your body weight, you can easily create body impressions on your one-sided mattress. Sleeping on one side for months not only creates body impressions but also alters the comfort level. By flipping your double-sided organic latex mattress, you are promoting equal weight distribution and allowing enough resting period to each mattress side. It reduces the likelihood of forming body impressions and also facilitates additional comfort.

  1. Less Environmental Impact

A double-sided mattress lasts longer than a one-sided mattress with a latex mattress topper. As a result, you don’t have to replace your double side mattress after using it for a few years. The old mattresses are mostly dumped in the landfill that creates a lot of environmental pollution. By replacing the one-sided mattresses with double-sided latex mattresses, you are also avoiding the chances of frequent replacement and landfill disposal of mattresses.

  1. Light in Weight

It may come as a surprise, but double-sided mattresses are actually quite light in weight. You can easily move, turn, and flip these mattresses with someone’s help. The use of soft padding and light materials has kept the overall weight on the lower side. If you try to flip a single mattress having a latex mattress topper and a double-sided mattress- then you will merely find much difference.

  1. Value for Money

People that have used both single-sided and double-sided mattresses will understand that the latter provides a better return on investment. Mattresses with double-side padding have a longer life and they continue to provide better comfort and support throughout their lifespan. Whenever you feel uncomfortable, you can flip the side and sleep on the other, instead of replacing it.

  1. Adherence to Stricter Fire Laws

Your safety is above everything. Mattress manufacturers have to follow stringent rules when crafting the best mattresses for their customers. To your delight, the fire laws are much stricter for the units manufacturing double-sided mattresses over those making single-sided mattresses. So, when you invest in a double-sided latex mattress, you can rest assured of the related safety aspects.

  1. Better Quality Materials

When it comes to mattresses, everyone gets skeptical of the mattress conspiracy theory. It is believed that people end up paying more for the raw materials when purchasing a single-sided mattress. The case is entirely reversed for the double-sided ones. It means that you can expect to pay a fair price for the materials you get in a double-sided mattress.

  1. Doesn’t Break Down Easily

The best part of the double-sided latex mattress is that it doesn’t have thick comfort layers. Even the materials used to make the mattress don’t break down easily. Putting all the padding, foam, and innerspring mechanism on one side of the mattress causes faster break down. As everything is proportionately distributed on two sides of a double-sided mattress, the breakdown process is a lot slower.

Why Use Flexus Latex Mattress?

Flexus Comfort's double-side latex mattress offers the ultimate comfort to the users and allows them to choose the level of firmness they would like to sleep in. While one side of the mattress offers “medium” feel the other side is firm. Flexus latex mattress is perfect for individuals who like comfort but not at the expense of our ecosystem.

Now that you are aware of all the benefits of investing in a double-sided latex mattress make sure to get your mattress at the earliest. It is sure to give you the required comfort and support.