Sleeping is one of the most important activities in a person’s daily routine, and probably everyone’s favorite one too. Good sleep is very essential for a well-rested body and a sound mind. Lack of it can cause many health risks such as high stress, blood pressure, heart stroke, among other things. Talking of sleep, many factors affect its quality, like your lifestyle, alcohol consumption, and smoking habits, ultimately affecting your health. One such major factor that can determine the quality of your sleep is your mattress. 

If you’ve been using your old rough mattress to sleep, then chances are you aren’t receiving the much-required comfortable and peaceful sleep. One of the best mattresses for anyone to sleep on is an organic latex mattress that is made from 100% naturally drawn latex. It’s great for your back, spinal cord, and joints providing proper support for their growth. But you must be careful as a lot of companies use gimmicking techniques to sell their 30% latex infused foam mattresses. Always choose an organic latex mattress that is made from only 100% pure latex by doing thorough research. 

If you are still not in favor of changing your old mattress, let us share a few important points regarding why you should consider switching from your regular foam mattress to an organic latex mattress

Essential Features of an Organic Latex Mattress

1. High durability

Latex is a highly durable material, and all mattresses made from natural latex are resistant and long-lasting. While a regular foam mattress has an average life period of 5-7 years, an organic latex mattress can last from anywhere between 12-16 years. So even though they may be more expensive than other mattresses, with their twice as long life, you will ultimately be saving money in the long term.

2. Chemical-free fabrication

Sleep time is the time when in our body, all the internal activities like healing and repairing take place. However, if you spend your sleep time inhaling some harmful chemicals like petroleum-based products and adhesives, not only is that going to be counterproductive to your body, but it can also cause some severe damage. It is not the case when you sleep on a 100% nature-derived latex mattress.

3. Excellent for Support

Research has shown that people with conditions like severe back and shoulder pain have experienced a significant reduction in pain after continuously sleeping on an organic latex mattress. Doctors also recommend to patients who went through a neck, shoulder, or back surgery to switch to a latex mattress to provide more support and help reduce their discomfort. If you are short on mattress budget, you can also try a natural latex mattress topper for similar results.

4. Reduced partner disturbance

Latex mattresses offer complete motion isolation, implying that you will be less likely to experience any disturbance from the movements of your partner. With individually wrapped coils, any motion is instantly reduced at the point it is created rather than transferring it across the surface. So if you are looking for a better sleeping experience with no disturbance throughout the night, consider investing in an organic latex mattress. 

5. Eco-friendly and biodegradable

If you are very conscious about leaving your carbon footprint on the environment, you should consider getting an organic latex mattress. Made from 100% natural latex, this mattress is completely biodegradable. Also, with its twice as long life compared to regular foam mattresses, you are already reducing its consumption, thereby reducing other factors such as delivery and packaging. 

6. Great for people with allergies

Most mattresses can unknowingly become home for many unhygienic and unwanted bacteria and organisms, like dust mites, fleas, and bed bugs. You can easily get rid of all of these and the health risks they could cause by switching to a latex mattress. Natural latex mattresses are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and resistant to mold and mildew. Before purchasing a mattress, just make sure that you are not allergic to latex. 

7. Provides good heat regulations

Latex mattresses are better for ventilation because of the texture of the latex. The coil layering of a latex mattress gives ample space for airflow throughout the mattress and doesn’t let any heat get trapped in the mattress. So when you sleep on an organic latex mattress, you won’t wake up feeling hot.

8. Has natural bounce and elasticity

Mattresses made from 100% organically drawn latex have a high elasticity to them. The latex gives your mattress bounce and the ability to regain its original form quickly. This means your latex mattress won't lose its contour and start to sag for a very long time, making it a great option for your kid's and teenager's beds. 

9. Provides even pressure distribution

One major complaint many people have with their mattress is that when they wake up in the morning, they experience aching shoulders and sore back. You can avoid this if you sleep on a latex mattress where your weight is distributed evenly on the mattress. When pressure is not concentrated at a particular point, you will experience even blood circulation throughout your body and enjoy great sleep. 

10. Available in all sizes and firmness

Latex mattresses are available in all different sizes and levels of firmness. If you are indecisive about the exact firmness option, you should pick, you can order for yourself a natural latex mattress topper to help you decide better. Some companies even offer dual firmness mattresses giving you two choices in a single mattress.

So, whether you’re looking for a mattress that provides increased lumbar support or is highly durable, organic latex mattress offers a variety of great benefits giving you no reason to not check it out. As mentioned earlier, you can also get a complete risk free trial before finally buying it from select sellers. So whether you’re looking for an entirely new mattress or a topper for your existing mattress that is starting to sag, natural latex mattress and toppers are a great option. Just find the perfect mattress for you and start experiencing peaceful sleep all night long.