The only time you can shift from everyday stress into your glorious dreamland is your bedtime, or at least that’s what you wish your bedtime to be!

But then there are those whose mind knows no stop– constant worrying keeps them tossing and turning on their bed throughout the night. And why does that happen?

Well, there are lots of reasons for it, like not using an organic latex mattress, their current pillow could be worn out, stress & anxiety, inappropriate diet, etc.

If lack of sleep or rest worries you about how you might spend the rest of your day, you are not alone. We have compiled some great tips that can help you kick the laziness and tiredness aside and make the most of your morning time.

Why Should You Improve Your Wake-up Routine?

Define why and what’s important to you, whether you want to wake up on time or make lifestyle changes. Understand what’s your motivation, is it getting up to exercise or enjoying breakfast with your family? Maybe you are just stressed about running late.

Your body produces a hormone (sleep-inducing hormone) called melatonin after dark. The circadian rhythm, which is the sleep-wake cycle, works over 24 hours, maintaining daily sleep and wakefulness. Just as your retina senses light, it immediately signals the biological clock in your body to stop the production of melatonin, leading to you waking up. The human body is more alert and responsive in the morning time than at night. This is the science behind wakefulness and sleepiness.

Experts suggest that creating a sleep-inducing environment is the first step towards waking up refreshed. Some individuals have invested in top-quality bedding items, like an organic latex mattress, an all-natural topper, comfortable and eco-friendly pillows, etc., to create a cozy and sleep-worthy environment.

3 Crucial Benefits of Getting Up Early

Before going into the details of waking up refreshed every morning, you should be aware of the many benefits it offers. If you are an early riser, you already know some advantages, but if you are not one, here are some things you could be missing out on.

1. Feeling Happier

According to research, individuals who wake up early have a more positive state of mind than a night person. On waking up early, you are more energetic, well-rested, and punctual. You also get a sense of order throughout the day, which makes you feel happier.

2. Organizing Skills

Morning time is very productive, and that’s when you can complete your task better and faster without facing any interruptions. Using this quiet time to plan your day and scheduling some time of your day for each task can improve your productivity and organizing skills.

3. Adrenaline Boost

Give yourself an adrenaline boost by working out in the morning. This boost will help in getting over the morning grogginess and enhance alertness.

Wake Up Feeling Refreshed with These Simple Tips

Here are some effective and simple tips you can do in the evening or night to get plenty of sleep and wake up refreshed. It goes like this–

1. Switching to a good mattress

Are you wondering if sleep surface affects your sleep quality? People have agreed that a good sleep surface has improved their overall health.

A mattress should support your spinal alignment, and keep your body temperature regulated, and it should fit your budget. An organic latex mattress is one of the preferred options for good sleep. The comfort and firmness of the mattress provide the best sleeping experience. Flexus Comfort, your renowned and trusted mattress manufacturing company, provides a 30-year warranty on certified, organic latex mattresses. Our products are hypoallergenic, deliver comfort to the pressure point, and are 100% chemical-free.

This is the very first step to take for better nights and rested mornings.

2. Motivate yourself

It gets easier to wake up early when you motivate yourself. You can register yourself for a gym or plan to do Yoga outdoors, or go for a jog or run early morning to be in shape. You can keep your morning clothes just by your side so that you can see them just as you wake up.

3. Reward yourself

While getting up early, you should also reward yourself. Treat yourself to your comfort food or take a bubble bath. Do anything that makes you feel special about your accomplishment of waking up.

4. Listen to an audiobook

Remember the time when your grandparents or parents read to you at bedtime? You can recreate that by listening to an audiobook. Find something that interests you but avoid listening to crime or horror genres because you don't want to wake up scared. You can set a time for your audiobook.

5. Place lavender in your room

How is it related to waking up refreshed? Well, lavender symbolizes serenity. Its pleasant scent has sleep-inducing properties. You can bring one home and place it on your nightstand. If you don’t find lavender, you can always go for some lavender oil warmers or essential oils.

Implement some of these suggestions to your bedtime routine to wake up refreshed and seize the day. Watch out for your current sleep surface, that’s where most of your problems get solved. Invest in the best and top-quality mattress.

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Don’t expect full results immediately, but be compassionate and learn to make a major lifestyle change. All in all, trust the process.