If you are thinking about buying a latex mattress, don’t doubt your decision, it is the right one. Latex mattresses provide a comfortable sleeping environment along with several other advantages.

This guide will discuss everything you should know about natural latex mattress toppers. So, read on to make an informed decision about your mattress. The following sections will help you assess the type of mattress which is perfect for you and you can also understand how to purchase an original natural latex mattress topper or organic latex mattress.

Latex Mattress Buying Guide

If you wish to purchase a mattress that is durable, reliable, certified, and safe for your health, then organic latex mattress is the right choice. Latex is a highly durable product utilized to create natural mattresses without the use of harmful materials.

Read below to understand how it is prepared and why you should purchase one.

What Is a Latex Mattress?

A latex mattress is prepared from the material latex, which is a fluid-like milky substance extracted from various plants. Once this fluid-like material extracted from plants is exposed to air, it converts to solid on coagulation.

In a latex mattress production house, a rubber tree sap is utilized to create a natural latex mattress or topper. However, there are some differences in the quality and ingredients of various mattresses. To understand this difference, refer to the below sections.

Note: It is necessary to keep in mind that a natural latex mattress is different from an organic latex mattress. A natural latex mattress is made with natural rubber. This mattress can be organic too if it is not prepared with chemicals.

The Basic Process

As already discussed above, the natural latex mattress is developed using the milky fluid sap from rubber trees. However, it is necessary to understand that tapping of these trees is not harmful to the trees because each tree has the potential to be tapped for 30 to 40 years. Further, these trees usually grow rather quickly, hence, deforestation is avoided in the creation of an organic latex mattress.

After the tapping of the sap of rubber trees, one of the following methods are utilized for the production of the mattress:

  1. Talalay
  2. Dunlop

The only difference between both Dunlop and Talalay mattress production is that Talalay production type contains more steps in the manufacturing, thus, it takes more energy. However, a mattress prepared with the Talalay method has tiny air pockets in the foam so it is more comfortable and soft than a mattress prepared using the Dunlop method.

Why You Should Buy Natural Latest Mattress Topper?

It is natural for buyers to ask why they should prefer a natural latex mattress which costs more than a traditional synthetic mattress. The simplest answer to this is that a natural latex mattress is more comfortable and it doesn’t expose you to harmful chemicals. There are multiple other reasons for buying a latex mattress, let’s see what are these reasons.

1. Durability

A natural latex mattress is undoubtedly one of the most durable products available. You can utilize it for years without seeing any difference in the comfort level and its form. If you place an additional natural latex mattress topper over your organic mattress, you can improve the life of the mattress greatly.

Some people just put a natural latex mattress topper on a synthetic mattress to reduce the harmful radiations of the synthetic mattress and increase the comfort level.

2. Comfort

Latex has impeccable capabilities of supporting your body when you are sleeping. It becomes firm under the weight. Along with this, you can easily rest your shoulders and hips comfortably on the mattress for additional support.

Simply put, a natural latex mattress supports your full body structure including your spine, which is the reason it is so comfortable to sleep on this mattress.

3. Off-gassing

Most of the latex mattresses do not need off-gassing or emit any smell after the packaging is opened. However, you may encounter a little odor in the starting 2-3 days, but it will evaporate.

Further, if the odor is really important to you, select a natural foam mattress as it is washed thoroughly multiple times before dispatch. Other than this, natural materials like cotton help in reducing the odor of the mattress.

4. Safe

There are multiple reasons for believing that a natural and organic latex mattress is completely safe for your health.

Here are some of these reasons:

  • The glues and VOCs are not utilized in an organic mattress which reduces the VOCs in the air of your bedroom and reduces the threat to your health.
  • Most mattresses are treated with PBDEs or fire retardants to make the mattress resistant to fire. However, organic and natural mattresses are not exposed to PBDEs. These mattresses use natural fire retardants.

Do I Need a Latex Mattress?

If you are still confused about whether a natural or organic latex mattress is right for you, we have discussed below which individuals can gain benefits from a latex mattress.

  • If you have issues with pressure points.
  • If your job includes carrying weight.
  • If you are stressed about odor or off-gassing.
  • If you need a durable, long-lasting product.
  • If you need an environment-friendly mattress.


The bottom line is natural latex mattress is beneficial for every individual who wants to sleep on a comfortable mattress which doesn’t radiate harmful fumes. However, just remember to ensure the organic nature of the mattress by checking its certification such as GOLS, GOTS, etc.