By the 1930s, the coil mattress was the most popular and preferred sleeping surface and remains so to date. With the advent of technology, the design and quality of coil mattresses have undergone a huge change to offer the customers a more comfortable sleeping surface with additional features like motion isolation and customizable firmness levels.

The quality of your sleep is directly related to your physical and mental health. So, it is quite important to choose a mattress carefully. Here is everything you need to know to asses the quality of a coil mattress.

What is a Coil Mattress?

Also known as an innerspring mattress, the name comes from the coils which provide the support to the sleeper and forms the core of the bed. The modern innerspring mattress comes with several layers of materials such as latex and memory to cover the coils and provide additional performance, durability, and comfort. These mattresses are popularly known as double-sided mattresses. However, the springiness of the coil mattress is its most highlighted characteristic.

The Different Type of Coils to Choose From:

The type of coils used in a mattress determines its cost and durability. Essentially there are four types of coil:

Offset Coils:
These coils have an hourglass shape. However, the lower part of the coil is offset and compressed to bring about a little hinging effect that helps the coils to conform to the body's curves better.

Like Offset Coils, the Bonnell coils are also hourglass in shape but aren't compressed at the bottom. Bonnell coils are often wired together to form a continuous loop. While this shape makes the coils quite durable, it does little to control motion transfer.

Pocketed Coils:
Pocketed coils, on the other hand, comes with each coil wrapped individually in fabric. This ensures that the coil can move independently and contour along the curve of the sleeper's body. As the coils are not attached to each other, innerspring mattresses with pocketed coils provide excellent motion isolation. So, if your sleep partner tosses and turns around a lot then a pocketed coil mattress is the best choice from them.

Continuous Coils:
Identical to offset coils, the continuous coils are made when several rows of individual wires are molded into a circle. Continuous coils are durable but do not provide proper support to most sleepers in the long run.

Factors to Consider When Buying Coil Mattresses

Apart from the type of coil two factors determine the quality of a coil mattress and what kind would suit a customer's sleeping needs. These two factors are essential for support which directly impacts the quality of comfort and sleep. Let us learn more about these two factors that determine the quality of the mattress.

1. Number of Coils:
The number of coils in an innerspring mattress impacts the longevity of the mattress as well as the sleep support it provides to the user. While it is advised to not buy coil mattresses with too low coil counts, the minimal coil count is yet to be established in the market due to the varying mattress sizes. Generally, a good quality queen size mattress must have 400 coils, full mattresses must have 300, and king coil mattresses must contain 380 coils. However, it is also true that mattresses having a low number of coils can be comfortable if the coils are packed in densely offering greater sleep support.

2. Coil Gauges:
All mattresses, coil or otherwise, come with a specific gauge number that indicated the thickness of the mattress. Thicker coils are indicated by lower gauge numbers and vice versa. So, by this theory, a lower gauge number would indicate a firmer and thicker the mattress will feel.

The coil gauge of innerspring mattresses ranges from 12 to 15, with 14 being the ideal gauge number. However, if you are looking to own a firm coil mattress then its best to go for 13 and lower. Moreover, coil mattresses with thicker coil are much more durable as the thicker of the wire lasts for long. Most consumers, however, replace the mattress well before the coils wear out completely without caring about the gauge number.

3. Other Factors:
Apart from these two, people also look if the mattress contains tempered coils, which are more durable than normal coils used in coil mattresses. These coils are cooled and heated continuously to solidify and ensure its shape. For customers, who prefer a firm sleeping surface, tempered coil mattresses are ideal.

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