If you have long wondered what might make you look as fresh as a daisy every morning, then your search ends here!

No matter how much the beauty gurus on the web endorse a pile of expensive beauty products, including face masks, sheet masks, facial, serums, claiming you will feel all plumped up while waking up, the secret to that morning glow lies in beauty sleep.

And what’s the formula behind a good, tight sleep? Of course, it’s the most comfortable bedding, including a set of natural latex pillows.

Pillows Matter Apart from Beddings

There’s always quite a hullabaloo going around the mattress! From latex to coir, spring to foam, cotton to hybrid—mattresses of all sorts seem to concern and influence people more while making a buying decision.

Pillows are often ignored and as a result, people end up buying the wrong ones. It is important to note that most pillows can make your sleeping postures worse as they fail to offer the right kind of support. 

Are Pillows Mandatory?

While many advocate not using a pillow, it is important to note that pillows are supposed to keep your spine in a neutral position. They help in aligning your neck with the rest of the body, supporting a good posture.

Misaligned head, neck, and backbone can lead to a number of chronic health issues, such as neck pain, back pain. Moreover, it can even cause sleep loss.

How Size Matters in Pillows?

And you thought only beds and mattresses come in different sizes! Well, if you take a look around the market, you’ll find pillows in different dimensions. Now, the trick is to pick the one that suits your bed proportions and sleeping type.

Generally, the most popular sizes available are:

  • Standard (20 x 26 in or 51 x 66 cm)
  • Queen (20 x 30 in or 51 x 76 cm)
  • King (20 x 36 in or 51 x 92 cm)

However, for clients with more specific needs, a few brands offer two additional sizes called Super Standard (20 x 28 in or 51 x 71 cm) and Body (20 x 54 in or 51 x 137 cm).

What are The Most Popular Sizes?

Standard Size

Standard pillows go well with small beds, i.e., full or twin mattresses. If you and your partner don’t move around much during sleep, then the standard size is for you. But as the twin mattress is comparatively smaller than the full mattresses, they would hardly fit two standard pillows together.

Super Standard Size

If your mattress size is close to a queen or it’s a twin mattress, the super standard size is the perfect size to go for.

Queen Size

Justifying the name, it is the best fitting pillow for a queen-size bed. In fact, if you wish to give your twin mattress a fuller look, one queen size pillow can help. And remember, if you or your partner tends to be a restless sleeper, then it is better to purchase this particular size than standard or super standard.

King Size

Turning from one position to another, rolling over across the bed, waking up in different positions—such tendencies are normal and can be observed in active sleepers. If you can identify yourself and your partner as active sleepers, then king-size pillows would be much comforting.

In case you own a twin bed, then placing a king-size pillow will only leave about an inch of space on each side. Please remember, when shopping for pillowcases, do check for king-size options as the standard pillowcase sets are not meant for king sizes.

Body Size

It is quite evident that body-size pillows are made for large beddings, but they do fit well king and queen-size mattresses as well. You can also count on body size in case you hit any of the below-mentioned criteria:

  • You’re a side sleeper and need proper neck support.
  • You’re a pregnant woman and can have a better sleep by tucking a body-size pillow between your legs that would help in relieving some of the back pressures.

What are the Other Pillow Types and Sizes?

In the subdivision of natural latex pillows, one can hardly imagine the variety. Other than the regular pillows for your bed, they offer other variants that cater to other purposes:

  1. Pregnancy Pillows: Growing a baby in the womb for a stretch of nine months can be challenging to the body and mind. Pregnancy pillows are specially crafted to make you feel at ease. They are available in more than one size and shape, including a 10 x 10 food C shape.
  2. Travel Pillows: Travelling doesn’t have to be strenuous with the 10 x 16 inches pillows that allow you to take a nap during car or plane rides.
  3. Throw and Euro Pillows: Looking to enhance the appeal of the room or wish to own pillows that you can play with? Throw and Euro pillows are typically used for show and come in varied shapes and sizes.


When you’re eyeing diversity in organic products, natural latex pillow sets can fulfill your demands. Plus, they are hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and mold perfectly to your head and neck. Now, no more tossing and turning, enjoy sweet dreams every night, naturally.