A good night’s rest is essential to maintain optimum levels of physical and mental wellness.

Investing in the right set of organic sleep essentials such as a latex mattress and natural latex mattress topper provides buyers with the desired comfort coupled with long-term health benefits. 

Presently, there are innumerable choices of mattresses and toppers available in the market. However, buyers have to be assured of certain factors before investing in these sleep essentials.

A brief overview of the benefits of buying latex mattresses have been listed herewith:

What is An Organic Latex Mattress? 

An organic latex mattress is produced using natural latex, a byproduct that is sourced from the sap of a rubber tree identified as Havea Brasilliensis.

How Is A Latex Mattress Manufactured? 

latex mattress is manufactured using varied layers of organic latex in differing density. This method is used to ensure the breathability aspect of the mattress.

A latex mattress has two layers:

The Core or Base Layer: The core layer is thick and strong as this part supports the entire construction of the latex mattress. 

  • The Top Layer:

The top layer is known as the natural latex mattress topper that provides comfort to the user and is manufactured using either organic cotton or natural wool. 

What Are The Factors To Consider Before Buying A Latex Mattress and A Natural Latex Mattress Topper?

An individual should consider the following aspects before buying a latex mattress:

  • Choose An Organic Product To Reduce Carbon Footprint:

Currently, the rampant use of pollutants and harsh chemicals is wreaking havoc on the environment, thereby investing in organic products that are 100% bio-degradable such as natural latex are surefire ways to reduce the carbon footprint on the planet. 

  • Enhanced Levels of Hypoallergenic Properties In:

1. Organic Latex Mattress:

An organic latex mattress is considered to be a healthier option as compared to other synthetic latex variants. Synthetic latex is a petroleum-based derivative that has chemicals such as formaldehyde or perfluorocarbons. These substances can cause skin allergies, rashes, and other health afflictions. 

The enhanced level of hypoallergenic properties in an organic latex mattress reduces the possibilities of such health setbacks.

An organic latex mattress is naturally resistant to dust mites and molds making it 100% allergen-free all year round.

2. Natural Latex Mattress Topper:

Cotton farmers are known to use high levels of pesticides whilst cultivating their crops. The traces of these chemicals are often known to be present in the finished products and can be hazardous to the end-users.

A natural latex mattress topper is manufactured using organic cotton that is treated without using any harmful chemicals or bleaching agents and makes a safe and ideal add-on for an organic latex mattress.

  • Superior Comfort and Pain Relief:

An organic latex mattress is a favored option for pain relief. Physical therapists, chiropractors, and osteopaths are known to regularly recommend the use of natural latex mattresses to patients ailing from back-ache or joint pain.

Medical experts have observed a significant improvement in their patients’ blood circulation after regular usage of latex mattresses as these sleep systems ensure even distribution of body weight and lower the stress on pressure points.

The buoyant surface of an organic latex mattress is designed to provide greater cushioning and spinal support to users whilst resting. The open-cell construction of the latex mattress enhances the breathability of the product, thereby keeping it cool, hygenic, and comfortable in the harshest climatic conditions.

  • Zero Electro-Magnetic Radiation:

Metal springs in spring mattresses are known to amplify electro-magnetic waves that can severely affect the well-being of users. 

An organic latex mattress has no metal components such as springs and bolts. The zero-metal construction of a latex mattress ensures that the users stay healthy and protected from the detrimental effects of electromagnetic radiation at all times.

  • Motion Isolation:

The innate elasticity of organic latex ensures that any movement made by a user on one side of the mattress does not transmit to the other part of the sleep system. 

This feature enables two individuals to sleep peacefully on a latex mattress without causing any sleep disruptions to one another. 

  • Durability Factor:

Unlike conventional foam mattresses, the strong build design of organic latex mattresses enables buyers to use these products for extended periods.

Most latex mattresses are known to last well over a decade even after regular use.

  • Comparing Cost Of A Latex Mattress With Conventional Sleep Systems:

The cost of an organic latex mattress and natural latex mattress topper will be higher when compared to other conventional options. The difference in pricing is due to the skilled efforts that are involved whilst extracting natural latex from an organic source, followed by the tedious manufacturing process.

However, the exceptional quality of a latex mattress far outweighs the cost factor. 

Every individual should consider these above-mentioned factors before buying a latex mattress. The ever-growing popularity of organic latex mattresses clearly suggests that the current generation is committed to living a healthy, eco-friendly life sustainably.