Are you worried that dust, dirt, and stains will ruin the experience of your mattress?

If so, then we have prepared a list of things you can do to keep your mattress clean.

It is often a hectic task to remove stains and reduce odor from the mattress after 1 or 2 years. Once the pungent, bad smell sets it, you have no option but to replace the mattress or spend a huge amount to get it professionally cleaned.

To avoid that from happening, read the below tips and keep your natural latex mattress topper and mattress clean and odor-free.

How to Keep Latex Mattress Free from Odors and Stains?

1. Flip and Rotate

There are multiple reasons to flip and rotate your mattress every 6 months. Let’s see what are these:

  • Rotating the mattress every 6 months ensures that the body pressure is evenly spread across your mattress. If you keep putting pressure on the same side, you will soon start noticing bents and bumps in the mattress.

  • Flipping the mattress ensures that both sides have even pressure from time to time. This will avoid your mattress from developing bumps on one side.

  • Flipping the mattress also lets the other side breathe and get exposure to air.

To rotate the mattress, just move it 180-degrees in every 6 to 8 months. To flip the mattress, let the other side come on the top.

2. Remove and Clean

To remove and clean, you need to first utilize a natural latex mattress topper and then clean it from time to time. Removing and cleaning the mattress every 6 months is not possible. You can’t even take the heavy mattress out for sun-drying. Hence, to avoid the hassle, use a mattress topper.

How to take care of a mattress topper?

  • Remove the topper every month and put it out for sun-drying. This will remove the odor, smell, and any allergens in the topper.

  • Flip the topper and let the other side stay exposed to air for some time.

  • Instantly dab the spills from the mattress topper, wipe it with vinegar or freshwater, and put it out for drying.

  • Send the mattress topper for dry-cleaning every 6 months.

How to take care of your mattress when you have a mattress topper?

  • Every week, remove the topper for some time to allow your mattress to breathe.

  • Don’t flip the stained side of the mattress topper. Clean it first to avoid the smell and dirt from entering the mattress.

3. Spot Clean, Immediately

Due to unavoidable circumstances, you can experience stains and spills on the mattress. The probability is high when you have kids in the house.

When anything like this happens, clean immediately. Don’t wait for the stain or spill to settle in. Get one dry and one wet cloth. Dab the spill or stain with a dry cloth to remove excess liquid. Then, use a wet cloth to remove the stain. Lastly, dab the area again with a dry cloth. Leave out the mattress topper for sun-drying.


If the stain is not going away, use the tips given in the next section to clean your mattress topper.

Note: Don’t expose your latex mattress topper to direct sunlight. Either place a cover on it or just let it sit out in fresh air rather than under the direct sunlight.

4. Leave Breathing Space

While latex is a naturally more breathable mattress, it still needs proper air circulation. Usually, manufacturers pinholes the mattress base to improve circulation and comfortable sleep. But, if you pair this latex mattress with a flat base, you are cutting down the supply of air. Your mattress won’t be able to breathe, which will allow the dirt and dust to stay trapped in the seeps of the mattress.

Use a slatted base to offer proper breathing space to your mattress from time to time. Further, it is even good for hot weather. Proper circulation keeps your mattress cool and airy.

You can also leave the bedding unmade for some time to allow the upper side to breathe as well.

Cleaning Tips

  1. You can use baking soda and essential oil for the regular cleaning of your mattress. Firstly, mix some drops of essential oil in the baking soda. Then, spread the baking soda on the mattress and wait for 30-40 minutes. This will bring dirt and dust to the surface. You can vacuum your mattress after this to remove baking soda and dust.

  2. If you have stains on your latex mattress, then you should make a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, and baking soda. Apply the solution to stain, let it dry, and scrape or remove.


Removing stains and keeping your latex mattress free from odor is a consistent effort which the owner of the mattress needs to make. If you fail to offer proper care to your organic latex mattress, it will start collecting dust, dirt and become lumpy over time. However, you can prevent this from happening, to a great extent, by investing in a high-quality latex mattress topper manufactured by a reputed brand, such as Flexus Comfort. Such a topper will be soft, durable, and effective in preventing undue damage to your mattress.