Choosing the perfect mattress for your bedroom can be a challenging task. There are so many choices available for mattresses and mattress toppers that sometimes it feels overwhelming to settle for one. On the one hand, you want comfort. On the other hand, you don’t want to take chances with your bone health. If only there was a mattress material that’s comfortable to the core and also looks after your physique!

Well, good news! There is! The natural latex mattress offers you the best of both worlds. Unless you are allergic to latex, there are a bunch of benefits that come from sleeping in an organic latex mattress. But before jumping into that, let’s find out more about this material.

What is a latex mattress?

Latex is the extract that comes from the sap of rubber trees. Products made of latex are extremely resistant to wear and tear, soft yet flexible, and strong. They are manufactured in two ways:

Dunlop: It is the original old method of producing mattresses with latex that are not highly processed or purified. Extract from rubber trees is poured into a mold and formed into a solid and heavy mattress.

Talalay: This is a more modern and advanced process of manufacturing using the flash freezing technique that results in softer and lighter mattresses.

Latex mattresses are not made of one single thick layer of latex. Rather, a latex mattress topper is a combination of multiple layers of latex-made sheets. There is also a weight-supporting core that is placed at the bottom layer of the mattress. If your mattress is flip-able, then the weight-bearing support is placed in the middle, sandwiched between two layers of latex-made mattress toppers.

Mattresses made of latex are durable, comfortable, hypoallergenic, reduces back pain, and good for nature too.

Manufacturing Process of Latex Mattresses

As discussed earlier, a latex mattress is produced using the sap extracted from rubber trees. The manufacturing process involves two primary methods: Dunlop and Talalay.

Making of Latex Mattress

Natural vs. synthetic latex mattress:

There are two types of latex mattresses available in the market namely the natural latex mattress and the synthetic latex mattress. The organic latex comes from rubber trees and therefore sustainable and biodegradable. The synthetic latex is cheaper, but far less beneficial than its natural counterpart. They are generally made of filler materials and not as long-lasting as organic latex. Besides, they contain harmful chemicals including cancer-causing agents. So, whenever you are deciding to buy a latex mattress, make sure to check the label and get a 100% natural mattress.

Benefits of organic latex mattress:

  1. Comfortable:

Latex mattresses are extremely comfortable to sleep on. They are soft yet firm. Most memory foam mattresses tend to sink under the weight of a person, therefore, the pressure of the person’s weight falls on his muscles. Whereas, in the case of firm innerspring mattresses, which do not curve much under the weight of a person, the pressure falls on the person’s bones. But when it comes to latex mattresses, which doesn’t only sink under a person’s weight, but curves and adjusts to his shape, the bodyweight gets distributed evenly throughout his bones and muscles. A latex mattress topper is, therefore, both comfortable and good for your body.

  1. Convenient for co-sleepers:

One of the most unique properties of natural latex mattress is its motion isolation characteristics. It means when you are co-sleeping, the motion generating from one person is isolated and restricted by the mattress. So, the motion doesn’t reach the other person and doesn’t create a disturbance or interruption in his sleep.

Furthermore, it’s ideal for two persons because the two sides of a latex mattress can be customized separately. That means if one person prefers a super-soft mattress, and another person wants a somewhat firmer feel, they can have that get done in one single mattress.

  1. Chemical-free and hypoallergenic:

Natural latex is toxin and chemical-free.

When it comes to memory foam, innerspring, or any other mattresses that do not claim to be “100% organic”, the materials of the mattresses are heavily processed and treated with chemicals to give them the desired shape, appearance, and characteristics. These chemicals are by no means entirely removed from the mattress even when the user buys it and starts to use it. The residue, fumes, and toxins stay on with the mattress that harms the user in more than one way.

A natural latex mattress is 100% toxin-free. Besides, it’s hypoallergenic, so extremely suitable for people with allergies.

  1. Free from molds and mildew:

Natural latex has an open-cell structure which helps in air circulation. Air can pass more freely through a latex mattress compared to any other kind of mattress. As a result, molds do not form inside latex mattresses. Besides, dust mites and other parasites cannot cling to natural elements effectively. This means a squeaky-clean mattress free from all harmful elements.

Organic latex mattresses have been around for quite some time now (since the 1930s) but their popularity is reaching new heights only recently. We are living at a time when people are actually giving some thoughts about preserving the environment. Going organic in any way possible is the only way to save our planet. Organic mattresses are sustainable and biodegradable. So, by replacing your old mattress with an organic one, you too can do your part in saving the earth.