I have severe back pain issue and my mattress doesn’t offer proper support to my body while sleeping. Further, the disturbances, occurring when my partner moves, break my sleep cycle. Overall, is there any way I can find a mattress to reduce these issues?

Choosing the Perfect Mattress

Finding the right mattress can help you eliminate multiple issues related to the sleep cycle. But, what are the qualities of a good mattress?

A high-quality mattress offers a comfortable posture to the body while sleeping. This means that your back, spine, and curvature are properly-supported when you are lying on the bed.

Achieving this level of comfort and support is possible with a coil mattress. This article will discuss how a fabric encased coil mattress can be beneficial for your sleep cycle. 

What Is Fabric Encased Coil Mattress?

Fabric encased coil mattresses are usually confused with old innerspring mattresses.

The innerspring mattresses are standard mattresses that were created around 150 years ago. The inspiration behind the development of the innerspring mattress was buggy seats which are formed using steel coils. These steel coils are plainly interconnected, which doesn’t offer proper comfort and support to the whole body of the individual.

Coil mattresses are different from innerspring mattresses. In these mattresses, coils are independently packed in fabric, which allows separate coils to work independently. These individually packed coils are good for your sleep. The sagging in the mattress is reduced which allows the mattress to offer you proper night’s sleep. The motion on the mattress is also reduced due to the formation of the mattress.

Benefits of Using Coil Mattress

Beside support and comfort, a coil mattress offers additional benefits. Below we have discussed some of the benefits of coil mattress which can contribute to a good night’s sleep.

1. Reduced Disturbance

As discussed above, the coil mattress has coils which are not interconnected. These coils are separately encased in fabric which helps in reducing the disturbances. Whenever you or your partner moves in the night in order to adjust the sleeping position, only the coils which are encased just beneath you will move. This reduces motion and allows your body to rest without hindrance.

This is one of the reasons fabric encased coil mattresses are great for couples who sleep together but have a tendency to wake up even during the slightest motion.

2. Increased Support

Since the coils are not interconnected, these coils respond separately to your lying figure. Therefore, while sleeping, a coil mattress is great for adjusting to your sleeping position without creating bumps and lumps in the mattress.

Additionally, as separately coils adjust to your body form, the pressure points are released which is good for a relaxed and comfortable sleep. This support also reduces the lower back and shoulder pain caused due to bad posture.

3. Increased Durability

A fabric encased latex mattress is more durable than innerspring or other types of mattresses. This is because the binding and structure of the coil mattress make it last longer. There are fewer chances of compressing, changing forms, or suffering wear and tear in the long run.

Although every coil mattress or latex mattress is not created in a similar manner, the general structure of fabric encasement offers an additional layer to the springs. This improves the durability and the life of the mattress.

If you use a coil mattress on a pocketed coil bed, you can increase the life of the latex mattress further.

4. Cooler Environment

It is natural that the pocketed coil mattress has a higher flow of air. This flow of air keeps the sleeping surface of the mattress cool which encourages deep sleep in the night.

Many manufacturers of pocket coil mattress also claim that it is 30% more cooler than other types of mattresses.

Why You Should Prefer Coil Mattress over Other Mattresses?

  1. You can select from various firmness options available for a latex coil mattress. From low to medium firmness, you can select the right mattress according to your requirements.
  2. Most of the coil mattresses are hand-crafted so these are not harmful to the human body as there are fewer emissions.
  3. If you purchase a natural latex coil mattress, you can receive all the benefits of a natural mattress as well. This includes reduced emissions, no exposure to harmful chemicals, increased comfort, and high durability.
  4. If you have allergies like asthma, natural latex coil mattress may prove beneficial for your health and sound sleep because latex is hypoallergenic.


A quality coil mattress, manufactured by a reputed company such as Flexus Comfort, not only offers high-level comfort but also improves the durability of your bedding. So, you don’t have to worry about purchasing a new mattress in a few years and you also don’t have to compromise with your comfort level. It is an investment which can prove beneficial for your health, sleep cycle, as well as your pocket.