Raising your kids is a lifetime commitment and an enriching experience every moment of the day. As your kids grow, so does their needs and priorities change. This change is best reflected in your child’s bedroom. From different beds, latex mattresses, bedroom furniture, and budget allocation and planning, we outline in this article essential ways to upgrade your kid’s bedroom.

Designing a Room That Evolves as Your Child Grows

As a parent, you would want to help your child evolve from a naive and innocent toddler to a well-rounded, responsible, and grown-up adult. From cribs to kid’s beds to small beds to grown-up adult beds, your child will leave signs of growth everywhere. It is markedly noticed in your kid’s bedroom.

The following tips will help you design a space for your child that evolves as your child grows.

1.   Invest in Latex Mattress for Your Child’s Bed

Latex mattresses are durable and long-lasting. They can last for the entire duration as your child grows from a toddler through adulthood. Latex is also easy on maintenance and will wear evenly and graciously with time and use. Further, latex does not retain the body’s heat, so your kids can sleep on a cool surface the entire time.

Organic natural latex is antibacterial and antimicrobial. It is good for your child’s skin. The bounce and fluffiness latex offers are very good for the lumbar, spine, neck, back, and shoulders. Therefore, your kids will enjoy slumber on a latex mattress more than on any other surface.

2.   Your Kids’ Appropriate Bedroom Furniture

The furniture, especially the bed, or mattress frame, needs to be sturdy enough to be able to support the mattress for long years. Kids often play around on their beds. Therefore, ensure that the furniture can take sudden jolts and should not crumble to the ground.

Furthermore, your kids’ bedroom furniture should accommodate your child’s changing needs and priorities with time as they grow up. For instance, upgrading the study table, chair, and book racks will require considerable effort and investment. Therefore, considering these changing requirements will help you determine the budget beforehand.

3.   Do-It-Yourself and Do-It-Together.

Do not shy away from doing things yourself. It is better to involve your child in the process too. Ask for their opinion on how they would like their bedroom to look. You will be surprised by their creative thinking ability.

Involve your child’s participation in doing the changes. They might not be able to push, lift and pull much. But, they will tell you exactly where they need certain things to be. Their involvement in rearranging their bedrooms from time to time will eventually increase as they grow up.

4.   Plan Ahead for Your Kids’ Needs.

If you do not plan, you will not notice when your child has grown from a toddler to someone who has begun to generate completely different needs. For example, you may not notice when your child requires a full-sized bed, that the crib needs to be replaced by a latex mattress, or the bed frame is already a few years old and needs replacing.

5.   Aging Your Kids and Their Bedroom the Right Way

As your kid grows older, their needs will evolve and change. A kid’s bedroom reflects this change pretty well. Your child’s growth, their changing needs, and the changes in their bedroom are earmarked with phases. As a doting parent, you must thoughtfully consider each phase of your child’s growth along with their characteristic needs during each phase.

●     Zero to Three

Generally, a crib is a must for a toddler. But, whatever their sleeping surface, ensure it is safe from microbes, fungal bacteria, et al., and offers the feel of a secure ambiance. Let them sleep well without any worry.

●     Three to Six

During this phase, your child might have already learned a lot of things. Now, they talk, walk, start attending school, and play around with friends. You also notice how fast they grow.

You notice how rapidly they grow tall and are suddenly unable to sleep well in a crib. It is time they might need the luxury of freedom to sleep on a bed - even if it is a mini-bed.

When you facilitate their self-dependence, do so with care and style. Buying your kid a latex mattress at this stage is a good idea.

●     Six to Ten

During this phase, your child and their bedroom might have developed a tendency to pile up things. From clothes, school dresses, and supplies to books, toys, etc., it would help you and your child stay organized when the kids' bedroom is cleaned off and decluttered periodically, and things inside their bedroom are simplified. Ensure your child participates in the bedroom clean-up ritual in every way they can.

●     Ten Plus

Congratulations! Your child has entered the big league, where they will try to figure out the way forward. But, even then, your timely interference and guidance will go a long way toward your child’s overall success and holistic development.

Just keep a tab on their progress and their needs. If they wake up frequently at night, look for cues if it could be due to hormonal changes or if their bed and mattress need a change.

Wrap Up

As your kids grow, so shall your parenting journey be filled with as many adventures. As the adage goes, all the day's troubles for a parent make sense when their kids slumber well at night. Enjoy the process together as you and your kids adopt the changes and upgrade the bedroom with beds, latex mattresses, study and bedroom furniture, etc.