There is an unprecedented preference observed for natural latex mattresses on a global scale. According to an expert study on the subject, the world’s latex mattress market will reach USD 20 billion by 2032 at a tantalizingly consistent rate of 7% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate).

The growth factors for this sleep wellness product are mainly attributable to the benefits it offers. However, experts suggest that the awareness amongst consumers of the benefits of using an organic latex mattress has been rising steadily, leading to its staggering demand.

This write-up aims to highlight the reasons latex mattresses have become a preferred choice amongst consumers.

Natural Latex Mattress

At its crux, latex in its crude form is the sap of rubber trees. And, its most natural application is due to its natural cushioning effect. This makes it a natural material for pillows, cushioning supporters, toppers, mattresses, etc.

Though artificial latex, also known as synthetic latex, is used in many cases, the use of natural latex has its benefits, which has led to a spiraling demand for natural latex mattresses in the market. Let us examine some of them below.

Factors and Benefits of Using Natural Latex Mattress

From being an excellent cushion supporting the body contour to providing better air circulation and temperature regulation, the natural latex mattress is replete with the good charms of better sleep health.

1. Optimal Support for Spine

Sleep experts opine that the spine is the most crucial body part one needs to care for while sleeping. Since the entire upper body rests on the spine, it becomes obvious to take care of it while sleeping.

Since natural latex is a great cushioning material, it provides the best support to the spine while sleeping. The mattress supports the body contour for practically any body type and provides the required relaxing support at the right junctures of the curves around the waist, lower and upper backs, shoulders, and neck.

As a result, the spine can relax in any sleeping position. This helps in getting a healthy and uninterrupted sleep during the night.

2. Great Pain Reliever

Many bodily ailments can occur due to incorrect sleep postures due to sleeping on uncomfortable sleeping surfaces. Especially, if the joints and ligaments face postural pressures while sleeping, the body is likely to experience unnatural stiffness and pain upon waking up. Sometimes, people even wake up from sleep in the middle of the night due to excruciating pains in their joints due to improper sleeping posture. 

Natural latex mattresses provide the best support for the curvatures in the vital joints of the body, helping to relieve the pressure points from unnatural stiffness and pains. It also helps in natural blood flow during sleep and thereby prevents unnatural muscle cramps and concussions during sleep.

3. Better Air Circulation & Breathability

Latex are open-celled, meaning they are porous, allowing a free passage of air through the entire natural structure of the material. This characteristic helps the natural latex mattress to provide optimal air circulation, keeping the surface fresh, free from dampness, and cool.

Apart from good cushioning, one of the most vital factors for sound sleep at night is the sleeping surface temperature. If the sleeping surface becomes hot, especially during the humid summer nights, it becomes difficult to sleep on it. During hot and humid temperatures, a natural latex mattress provides ample natural breathability and is known to provide the coolest natural surface to sleep on during the summer.

4. Hypoallergenic and Healthy

Unlike artificial fabric or materials, a GOLS-certified mattress assures a healthy sleeping environment. Due to its stringent and rigorous testing standards, the quality of the natural latex used in the mattress is assured.

People who are highly sensitive to skin allergies find it difficult to sleep during the night on surfaces made out of artificial fabrics and synthetic materials. Furthermore, these artificial materials also emit harmful gasses and chemicals during the night. Thus, sleeping on them, and breathing the chemical gasses during the night proves to be hazardous for many people, especially children and asthma patients.

Thankfully, sleeping on a natural latex mattress can save you from all those troubles right in one go.

5. Durable & Efficient

This is one of the more economical benefits and thus a crucial factor in the rise in popularity of the natural latex mattress. A latex mattress can easily last for decades together. People often may change their toppers, or mattress pads after a few years, but a good latex mattress does not need to be replaced too often.

For people who want to find peaceful, healthy, and sound sleep at night, investing in an organic latex GOLS-certified mattress can be the best bet since it not only yields the best returns, it yields the returns for a long time as well.

Revitalize Your Sleep With a GOLS-Certified Mattress

Dealing with such a crucial aspect of the body, mind, and health, sleep naturally calls for extra cautionary measures. As such, global certifications of mattresses play a crucial role in today’s world.

At Flexus Comfort, our bedding and sleep wellness products undergo stringent checks adhering to global standards, assuring the best quality of materials, productions, and the finest quality of finished products. Our GOLS-certified mattresses will help you find the perfect harmony in a healthy body and sound mind by revitalizing your sleep.