Replacing your mattress is not always easy.

It's only obvious that the signs to replace your latex mattress don't pop up vividly like a flat tire, or a broken window. Also, unlike every other household item that usually garners your attention, we tend to care about our mattress a lot less.

However, seldom do we realize that a worn-out or sagging mattress can be one of the underlying causes of our disturbed sleep. In turn, it could lead to a lot of serious health disorders in the long run.

So, how do you figure out a mattress needs replacing? Start with things like bumps and holes in places. Also, observe yourself. If you are not waking up as fresh as before, it could be due to a bad or worn-out mattress that requires an immediate replacement.

Here’s a look at 6 signs to help determine when it's time to bring home a new mattress.

6 Signs that you need a New Mattress.

Stiff Feeling Waking Up

Are you experiencing a stiff feeling when you wake up in the morning? Do you complain of neck and back pains, or shoulder stiffness?

Chances are your mattress is no longer extending the support to your spine. This is mostly the case when you have been using a mattress for way too long. On the flip side, it might be possible that your body has progressed to a new level of firmness that does not match with the support rendered by your mattress.

No matter what, you should get that checked at and consider investing to buy a brand new organic latex mattress for quality support and longevity.

Like Falling Into a Hole

At times, your natural latex mattress topper might seem okay with no signs of unevenness. However, when you sleep on it, you feel like there’s a hole underneath. This is most common when the foam inside the mattress tends to soften and reaches a certain level when it starts to wear out.

You Are Tired Even After Waking Up

Many people complain of feeling exhausted and tired even after a full night’s sleep. While it can be due to multiple underlying medical conditions, one simply can't rule out a worn-out mattress.

When your mattress is sagging, you will eventually end up tossing and turning in your bed innumerable times. What it means is how your body is trying to get into a comfortable position to usher a much-needed slumber, but failing each time.

Dust Induced Allergies

Have you noticed how your dust allergies are getting even worse while sleeping? Well, look deeper beneath your bedsheet. It's your mattress playing foul.

When the mattress tends to worn-out and not maintained properly, it attracts all sorts of dust and allergens. These days, one can buy from a wide range of latex mattresses that comes with hypoallergenic properties. They can easily repel the bed bugs and the dust mites that usually reside within the cotton layer of regular mattresses.

Getting Better Sleep Elsewhere

Normally, people tend to stay awake in bed in unfamiliar surroundings. However, if you have been catching a better sleep in a hotel room or at a relative's place, the blame’s gotta fall on your mattress.

Usually, hotel rooms, especially the reputed ones use the best quality natural latex mattresses that are known to induce deep and sound sleep. So, if you crave a good night’s sleep, try replicating the same back at your place. Invest in buying a natural latex mattress and see the difference for yourself.

A Lot Goes Into Maintenance

All that talking about replacing or buying a new latex mattress, would eventually fall short if you are not maintaining things.

That's right!

The longevity and performance of a mattress are all about maintenance. No matter how expensive or high quality your bed mattress is, never deter from doing things that help keep things in shape. 

It only makes sense, because when you choose to invest a lot in buying a really good quality mattress, the care you offer is going to keep it in shape for years. After all, you don't change your mattresses every week, do you?

Contrary to what many would like to believe, maintaining a natural latex mattress is not at all difficult. It generally involves little, simple doings that don't attract a lot of investment or time either.

Start with regular turning and flipping of a mattress, and by regular we mean once every two months. More so, when you have brought the mattress recently and is just under a year in use. This will not only keep it clean from the dust settling but also maintain even weight distribution to ensure a relaxed and comfortable sleep at night.

Also, never be too harsh when cleaning a natural latex mattress. Ditch the usual detergent and water combination and embrace using dedicated cleaning agents that are available in the market. You might as well try baking soda that is known to be less harsh to fabrics compared to regular detergent and soaps.

Wrap up

There you go with the vital signs that you need to know when looking to replace a mattress. However, besides looking for the obvious signs to replace a mattress, you will need to follow the maintenance tips to keep it in good shape over time.

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