Have you ever woken up in the morning and felt your back aching badly?

You might think it’s a sign of aging, but age is not the only factor in experiencing back pain. From teenagers to young and elderly persons, anybody can suffer from this physical condition.

A study by the World Health Organization has found that lower back pain affected 619 million people globally in 2020, and there’s a chance of its expansion to 843 million cases by 2050.

According to health experts, sleeping on a too-soft mattress is one of the reasons that trigger lower back pain. Similarly, a stiff mattress can cause aches in the back, including neck and shoulder muscles.

The Harvard Health Medical School study of 268 people with low back pain shows that sleeping on too-hard mattresses can lead to the poorest sleep quality.

You must be wondering what kind of mattress offers the ideal firmness to maintain your spinal alignment.

Many sleepers who have embraced natural latex mattresses report that they experience relief from body aches.

In this article, we’ll talk about how an ordinary mattress can cause pressure points on the back and a natural latex mattress helps alleviate them.

What is a Natural Latex Mattress?

Latex is a natural substance, produced from the sap of rubber trees. Mattresses made with this natural material offer enough flexibility due to the elastane properties of latex.

Latex mattresses do not include any harsh chemicals, which makes them beneficial for both the environment and human health. Also, they have hypoallergenic properties, which prevent dust and molds from accumulating in their layers.

natural latex mattress is comparatively more comfortable to sleep on than any ordinary synthetic mattress. In fact, the firmness of natural latex mattresses can be adjusted to reduce pressure points for different types of sleepers.

Types of Sleeper and Pressure Points

There are mainly three types of sleepers: back, stomach, and side sleepers. Here’s how they feel pressure points sleeping on a traditional mattress:

  • Back sleeper: When an individual sleeps on their back, it creates pressures mostly on their tailbone.
  • Stomach sleepers: Stomach sleepers receive pressure on their rib cages.
  • Side sleepers: An individual sleeping on their side gets the most pressure on their hip and neck.

Can an Ordinary Mattress Influence Bad Sleeping Postures?

Mattresses play an important role in maintaining your sleeping posture. The muscles and tissues that hold the joints together in your back require rest. Inappropriate sleep postures create unnecessary strains on those tissues and muscles, causing pain and aches.

  • Too-soft mattress: A too-soft mattress might look cozy and inviting but can trigger back pain. While resting on such a mattress, one may feel like sinking into it, and their hips are positioned lower than the shoulders.

Thus, it impedes the spinal alignment, causing additional pressure on the neck and shoulder muscles.

  • Too-firm mattress: After a few years of use, an ordinary mattress becomes stiff or hard. It forces you to keep your spine in an unnatural position, creating pressure on the joints. Also, it is very uncomfortable to sleep on a hard mattress.
  • Sagging mattress: Sleeping on an old, sagging mattress, one may feel their body dipping into it. In such a condition, the mattress can no longer support the spinal alignment, causing pressure points on the back muscles.

How Can Natural Latex Mattress Help Alleviate Back Pain?

There are 33 small bones (Vertebrae) interlocking with each other to form the human spine. A too-soft or too-firm mattress can pressurize the tendons and ligaments that link other bones and muscles to the spine.

Mattresses made with natural latex offer a perfect sleeping surface that promotes good sleeping postures, reducing pressure points and muscle aches.

At Flexus Comfort, we use 100% natural latex to build our mattresses. These mattresses are also certified with GOLS certification and OEKO-Tex certification.

We have a wide range of natural latex mattresses for sleepers with different body weights and firmness needs. These mattresses are designed to contour themselves, naturally conforming to one’s body shape. We offer mattress customization, customers can choose from soft, medium, and hard firms, according to their firmness preferences. If the mattress feels too soft, the firmness can be adjusted simply by shuffling the mattress layers.

Below are some points on how natural latex mattresses help alleviate back pain.

  • Supports Spinal Alignment

The human spine has a natural curve, and it should be maintained during sleep. A high-quality natural latex mattress maintains the ideal balance of softness and firmness. It can help keep the spine in natural alignment, providing enough support.

  • Reduces Pressure on the Spine

Mattresses made with 100% natural latex minimize pressure points from the back, including the spine, neck, and shoulders. It distributes the body’s weight into different zonal points, which reduces pressure from the spine.

  • Improves Blood Circulation

Natural latex is a material that is both resilient and elastic. A mattress made with this material can cradle a sleeper’s body while supporting the spine. Thus it supports a good posture during sleep, improving circulation and reducing inflammation.

Reducing Back Pain By Embracing a Natural Latex Mattress

In this fast-paced life, focusing on sleep qualities and sleep postures might be a secondary concern in one’s life. However, these are the primary things to be taken care of for a healthy life.

When you sleep on the right surface, it promotes the right posture, improving sleep quality. And, to help you achieve better sleep, the role of a mattress is significant.

Mattresses made with natural latex can help one improve their sleep quality and wake up fresh in the morning. The contouring ability of these mattresses provides great support to the spine. In addition, their hypoallergenic properties encourage healthy sleep without any allergic disturbance or irritation.

Overall, a natural latex mattress is not only a good choice for alleviating back pain, but also a great option for a sustainable lifestyle.