Buying a mattress can often be a dubious affair.

However, with adequate knowledge you can let go of that frown, nice and easy.

It generally has to do a lot with the labeling of a mattress. For instance, an organic latex mattress. Now, one must be wondering what it means when they put organic and natural side-by-side? 

Fret not.

In this post, we will help you understand the basics so that you make an informed decision when buying a mattress.

Basics of Latex 

Before you can distinguish between natural and organic latex, you will have to know what it is, and how latex is derived.

Latex is a naturally occurring material, (a milky-white fluid) extracted directly from the rubber trees. When derived, it stays in its molten form and is processed further to achieve the desired shape and rigidity. Thus, the end-product is referred to as “Natural Latex.”

The other kind that's there is known as synthetic latex. It is an artificial process that involves working with a polymer, further processed to mimic the look and characteristics of natural latex.

Simply put, organic latex is essentially a natural latex grown without the intervention of pesticides. In other words, all organically grown latex is natural latex, but never the other way round.

To offer peace of mind to the buyers, a genuine organic latex mattress comes with the GOLS certification. It keeps a check on the raw materials used in producing a mattress– the location of the source materials, their growing process, the means to aid growth, along with the packaging, and shipping details.

Besides, it also sets standards for people to follow in treating the labors involved and taking measures to conserve natural resources.

Latex or Organic Mattress – Which one should you buy

A natural latex mattress topper is often identical to an organic latex mattress. Thus, it all boils down to one’s personal preference for certain features that one would like to see in a mattress.

With a large number of buyers opting for eco-friendly products, an organic latex mattress would be the best pick. Not only are they free from pesticides, but you are assured of using a product derived from an environmentally responsible rubber plantation. Besides, if you have children at home who fall sick easily, an organic latex mattress will always be a safe choice.

In terms of pricing, an organic latex mattress, as one can expect, is tagged higher than a natural latex mattress. In case you are running low on budget, it is recommended that you go for natural latex mattresses, as both of them are equally comfortable to use.

Don't fall for the Green Sheen

Green Sheen or greenwashing is an unethical marketing moniker adopted by some dealers to label their products deceptively as being environment-friendly..

It's quite a common doing by otherwise less reputed dealers to dupe consumers looking to buy eco-friendly products. The usual trick is to design a logo to be put on a product to make it appear “green”. In reality, only the reverse is true. In some other cases, they come up with misleading or fake terminology to sell away an inferior latex mattress at a much higher price. 

Hence, it is always recommended that you re-check things before making a payment. Look for the obvious clues, like vague or made-up terms or a sticker pasted on the product that looks self-designed. Run a check across the internet to establish the authenticity of the fact, or ask for the details of the certification, like a warranty card.

To steer clear of the green sheen trap, always choose to buy an organic latex mattress from reputed stores or dealers.

Wrap up

Now that you know how to distinguish between a natural and organic latex mattress, you should be able to make the right choice for yourself.

If you value comfort, durability, and long-lasting performance over anything, a natural latex mattress is something you should buy. Remember, compared to an organic latex mattress, a natural mattress will have much lesser quality checks and examinations.

On the other hand, if you care about the environment as much as you do for your family, an organic latex mattress should be your ultimate choice. Besides offering uncompromised comfort and exceptional quality, organic latex mattresses keep away allergy-causing dust and are free from any chemical, fertilizer, or pesticide treatment. Thus, it makes for a better option to be used around a medical facility, like a hospital or a clinic bed.

No matter which kind you choose, either of the mattress types promises exceptional quality for any home. While you are at it, it is advised that you check out multiple stores and reputed dealers to get the best bang for your buck. Normally, dealers source their products from different places. At times, delivery from certain locations might end up in extra shipping costs invariably passed onto the consumers.

Start with your local stores first, and rely on the reputation factor all the time. These days, many retailers also offer great discounts online. Do consider them as well.

Happy mattress hunting!